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Connections Blog Title ZirMed’s Blog

Welcome to the ZirMed Connections blog! This is your direct connection to the insight from ZirMed’s massive cloud-based network of more than 300,000 healthcare providers, millions of patients and billions of healthcare transactions. You’ll hear from ZirMed’s leaders on the hottest topics in the healthcare industry and the inside scoop on the latest technology projects and company updates.

Who can deny the challenge of denial management?

You’ve delivered the care. Your team has diligently documented the encounter and coded the claim. They’ve ensured it reflects everything they know should be included for that specific payer and that patient, and they’ve incorporated all of the..

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4 EDI and Claims Investments Your Clearinghouse Should Be Making

Claims and clearinghouse services encompass everything from verifying patient eligibility to claims processing to handling all forms of payer payments. And given the changing reimbursement landscape, your EDI vendor should already be investing in more..

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