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Infographic: Riding the Sea of Change

By Traci Detchon | April 17, 2017

Did you know 65% of bad debt in healthcare comes from unpaid patient balances? With the rise in high deductible health plans, providers are challenged with collecting from patients on a continually increasing basis. 

As providers who are frequently faced with patient collections already know: it is tough to collect from patients. Mastering patient collections requires more than sending invoices in a timely manner. Organizations that strive to be successful at collecting from patients will get there by understanding and addressing their patients' needs, including but not limited to:

  • Clarity on what will be owed, even before care is received.    
  • Transparency on what is owed, when it is due and what the payment options are, after care is received.
  • Flexible and convenient payment options and channels - mobile payments not withstanding.
  • Financing in order to make medical bills affordable.
Check out the infographic for the latest in industry stats as well as tips for addressing patient expectations in order to collect the revenue that you are owed! Download the infographic now!

Download Infographic!