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New Infographic: Hospital & Physician Charge Integrity – The Complete View

By ZirMed | May 11, 2017

A complex coding environment is making it more and more difficult to analyze charge capture performance. Furthermore, government and commercial payers are tightening reimbursement requirements. Needless to say, these industry changes are make it more challenging to generate revenue.

To top it off, hospital and physician data are maintained separately, creating silos, which makes it even easier to miss coding errors and overlook reimbursement potential. (Shameless plug: ZirMed’s new and improved Charge Integrity product ties together hospital and physician data to identify potential coding gaps and errors.)

So what’s the solution? Rules-based revenue integrity technology might be better than nothing but still isn’t a home run. Leveraging predictive analytics is the key to holistic revenue capture, but utilizing the combination of both predictive analytics and rules-based technology can provide the most complete view of your reimbursement potential.

Download our infographic to see how predictive analytics and rules-based technology can work together for comprehensive charge integrity!

Download Infographic