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New Podcast: Mastering Collections from Self-Pay & Insured Patients

By Traci Detchon | April 20, 2017

Collecting from patients has never been easy and, thanks to recent industry trends, it continues to become more and more difficult. Verifying insurance eligibility is still an important step but it isn’t always an indicator that payment is in the bag. With high deductible health plans, patient responsibility is higher than ever and patients are notoriously difficult to collect from.

Granted, increased responsibility isn’t exactly a walk in the park for patients, either. Patients now pay nearly a third of their bills in some high deductible health plans and struggle to determine how much exactly to expect they’ll owe. Add not knowing when to expect the bill and inflexibility of payment options – and those struggles don’t even account for unplanned medical needs and expenses!

Speaking of unplanned medical occurrences – those types of events make it nearly impossible for providers to verify eligibility at the onset of treatment, leaving them to sort through the details after the fact, which presents a host of collection challenges in itself.

Like most providers, are you struggling with the challenges above? Listen to our new podcast for tips on collecting from self-pay and insured patients!

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