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Infographic: ZirMed Denials By The Numbers

By Sam Lombardo | May 09, 2017

Manually processing denials is time consuming and tedious. First the denials must be identified and routed. Then information must be gathered about the denial and why it occurred, followed by the compilation of information in order to fill out and submit the appeal. All of that effort for just one appeal - that's not a very scalable process. It's no wonder that so many denials are never reworked, despite the fact that the majority of denied claims could've been prevented. 

Processing denials and appeals manually isn't the only option, though! ZirMed's Denial & Appeal Management tool allows providers to:

  • Boost productivity with automatic routing of denials to the appropriate individual or team.
  • Manage the denial-and-appeal process in one single online solution.
  • Automate the appeals process with payer-specific auto-populated electronic forms printed and mailed on your behalf.
  • Garner actionable insights from customizable reporting.
  • Obtain documentation of all activity and notes delivered daily.
Find out why our client's love our Denial and Appeal Management solution! Check out our infographic to see how much time our client's are saving by using Denial and Appeal Management! 

Download The Infographic